Welcome to the myBad Studios video rendering service website

We provide professional quality, customised videos for your product(s) and social website(s) quickly, easily and affordably.

1. Professional quality renders

Simply browse the store and see for yourself what is on offer. Each product contains a small animated preview to give you a rough idea of what the final video will look like and if it looks like something you might be interested in, there is a Full HD preview right below it.

We provide you with stunning looking logo reveals as well as intro, out-tro and overlay videos that you can import into your favourite video editor and give your videos and presentations that professional touch

All our videos are rendered and delivered at full HD resolution

2. Easily

All you need to do is select the video you want, see how many colours (usually 1 to 3) and images (usually 1, sometimes more) that particular video has for you to customise and then click on buy. During checkout simply provide us with a link to your PNG image(s) and tell us the colours you would like for your video. Done.

3. Quickly

Just because it looks good doesn’t mean that it has to take forever to create. We aim to deliver your custom video to you within the same day! That is right. A 24 hour or less turnaround service.

Combine all of this together and you will see what we are all about: Quality, really quickly and with absolute minimal fuss.

4. Affordably

Back when we were looking for custom videos for our products and our client’s products, we turned to a wide variety of people. Some sold products for cheap without owning the copyrights to do so, others who’s prices were fair but the end result was nothing like what we wanted… and then there were the professional designers…

We’ve had quotes averaging around $80 and some even quoted in triple digits. Spending this amount of money on a video by video basis was just not practical for a small studio such as ours. Now we have a video production service of our own and can offer you quality at a fair price and let you see what you are getting in advance, thereby cutting out any nasty surprises.

Our intention is to keep our prices within the price range of hobbyists but never compromise on quality.

We hope you enjoy the selection on offer and look forward to bringing you more in the days to come